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What is it? is an online shopping and information portal that has been developed by Community Pharmacists for Community Pharmacy. It’s a joint venture initiative of Gold Cross Products & Services, The Pharmacy Guild of Australia and Pharmacy Pty Ltd. brings the power of eCommerce and online sales exclusively to ALL Guild members – at no cost - and puts Community Pharmacy online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. connects Guild members, Suppliers and Consumers, creating a whole new way for consumers to buy products and services from community pharmacies across Australia. The difference is, all sales and consumer interaction is handled by Guild members from their pharmacy. Consumers can Click & Collect for free or they can choose delivery (post).
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List all of your in-store products
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Engage with your community

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Pharmacy Silver is FREE for Guild members!

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How it works connects Guild members, suppliers and consumers, creating a whole new way for consumers to buy products and services from community pharmacies across Australia.
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How it works, its easy and convenient! is a direct-to-consumer online shopping and information portal, putting the shelves of Community Pharmacy at Consumers’ fingertips - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
From vitamins, supplements and health foods to beauty products and first-aid items, puts products regularly purchased right at Consumers’ fingertips, boosting accessibility via Community Pharmacy.

Consumers can Click & Collect for free or choose delivery (by post). 

For more information, contact Ian Simm, Business Development Manager on 0401 434 929 or
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Our Story

Where we've been and where we're going

This is the biggest ever investment in eCommerce for community pharmacy by The Pharmacy Guild of Australia and Gold Cross Products & Services. It’s an opportunity for Guild members to take their pharmacies to the next level, connect suppliers with community pharmacy and provides Australia-wide consumer access to key health products and information.


As evolves, more and more features will become available for Suppliers, Guild members and Consumers that will deliver immediate and direct access to thousands of products, and health information and programs. Contact the team today to learn more…

Community pharmacy is a tough business right now, and that’s why our experienced team has developed Delivering this exclusive eCommerce solution provides a new way for Guild pharmacies to interact with consumers, increase sales and traffic flow, and improve the businesses’ bottom line.

For Suppliers...

What can you do for me? puts your products in front of 4,000+ Guild member pharmacies and their consumer-base, which average 240 million individual visits per year.
Partnering with us facilitates the sale of your products directly from your business’ own website, using’s interface. It’s an opportunity for direct communication with participating Guild pharmacies, and directly markets your products – existing and new - to consumers Australia-wide.
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For Guild Pharmacies

& for Guild Pharmacies

What can you do for me? gives Guild members easy access to a free and exclusive eCommerce solution to drive new sales and increase traffic to your store.
Activating your account puts your pharmacy online via’s interface.
This means your pharmacy will be open online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your pharmacy will be placed at the delivery forefront, and you will have access to ongoing marketing support and increased access to consumers.
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Because sometimes it just easier to show instead of tell, we have an easy to use demonstration available. Getting started is as easy as clicking a button. Watch our video to see how can start working for your business.

More to come

As grows, so will our e-commerce solutions. The team is already hard at work on the P4uGold package, which will deliver increased functionality and additional direct marketing and communication opportunities to ensure Guild members’ businesses and the industry thrives.

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If you have a question, query, or simply want more information, please contact our team on 1300 286 880 or get in touch via email on